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Originally Posted by cassius423 View Post
I think it's possible. This is my first year of fantasy football also so you might wanna take my advice with a grain of salt lol but if it were my team I'd go with Jennings over bush and torrey over alshon for now. I have mjd on one of my teams and i'm torn over whether to start him or not. We know jennings is starting but I'm just worried mjd will have a slow start (when he gets a chance)like cj2k did last year after his holdout. Also the phins are playing the texans who have a killer d. They gave up the 31st most fantasy points to rb's last year. Also I like Romo this year, just a gut feeling he's gonna have a good year. Best of luck to ya!
Yeah I started Romo over Ryan week 1 and he put up 40 points so that worked out well.

I have Ryan Williams, but seattle has a good D, so I have to go with Jennings week 1 against the Vikes, he supposed to get the bulk of carries over MJD. And I have no faith in Reggie Bush against the Texans, but the dolphins may use him a good bit out of the backfield catching passes in the flat


My main ? is do I drop Cobb, and pick up Kendall Wright? At least with cobb I do get some points for returns.
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