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Default Have $700... looking for a resale deal

I have up to $700 in paypal, may be able to get a little more if needed.

I am looking for any mid-high end card (minimum: $20 SV cards)

I like patches and autos the most. I will look at any sport too.

I like Ultimate, Cup, Prime, ITG, etc.

I won't look at buckets since i like anything (any player, any team, any sports)

I use paypal average sale values to determine prices. (Book value is irrelevant to me)

I prefer to have scans of cards if possible.

Feel Free to post here or PM me.

Please, if you don't have something nice to say, please don't say anything (I understand some people dont like resellers, but please try to refrain from letting me and others know that you don't like the idea)

I have plenty more feedback on SCF and feebay


I am bcct12 on FeeBay (330+ feedback 100%)
I am bcct12 Sports on SCF (60+ feeback 100%)

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