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Originally Posted by KB81 View Post
It was bought to my att. that Iwhen I bump my many FS threads that it is causing issues with some folks because it shoves their threads in the section to the bottom.

My question: Is there a rule stating that one cannot bump multiple threads within a certain timeframe?
As stated above technically no, however you shouldnt have any more than one thread per day per sport, and if you do bump them all at the same time, its not illegal, but someone more than likley will report it. Once reported we will look into it and you might risk the threads being merged.

Originally Posted by mnvikingstwins View Post
You really could condense them into one or two threads, just report them or PM a mod to merge the threads.
This is whats recommended honestly. Helps you control what gets merged, thread titles, etc. PM's work just as good for this if you want to try and make it easier to understand.

Originally Posted by Srt42004n View Post
Its tough bc i see this alot in the football area where someone will post a quick sale and then within 24 hrs they will edit the thread and delete the cards that didnt sell and post a new thread with the old cards thus avoiding the bump...

also another one i see is someone post in a thread and if multiple people post the OAP replys to one at a time every few hours to keep bring it up even if the post hours previously they answer to just bump it...

I found out the hard way when i joined and was suspended a few dif times for violating the thread bump... it would be alot easier as well if the forum had a way to edit titles to reflect the changes I know you can go to advance but the title never really changes...
They shouldn't be deleting the the cards listed in say the quick sale, editing it, and then reposting within 24 hours. If you see this report it, as it is considered avoiding the thread bumping rules (more so avoiding the thread bumping rules by duplicate listing of the cards) and both threads will be deleted along with the offending infraction issued.

Originally Posted by SportCardBuffet View Post
If you do it quick enough, after the thread is created you can change the title by going advanced, otherwise you have to report your thread & request a title change.
This Im not sure on, but I know at this point Blowout hasnt allowed users to edit their thread titles.
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