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Originally Posted by penny1fan View Post
what am i missing here? someone backs out of a deal and your all comming after the OP? Do i like these kind of threads no i hate them..these threads leave black eyes throughout the entire forum - this is what feedback is for i thought? I once backed out on a deal (selling to player collector opposed to a flipper) and i was basically crucified for what went on to be a 23+ page thread while taking my negative in stride and explaining my side and admitting to my wrong doings.Is this site a buddy system? the user may be a veteran and has been an asset to the forums...but he did back out of a trade as did i.Why is his negative not warranted? why is he off the hook?
Seriously? Really? Whaaaaaaaat? Let's review your neg:

Backed out of a completed deal after I paid, because he was offered more $$$ !

Not even close to being the same thing. Your neg was completely warranted because you received payment. Please stop while you are ahead....or don't. Hell, go ahead and make yourself look like a bigger arse.

And for the folks who never saw the thread before today, like me, here it goes:

Originally Posted by Niels50 View Post
I have pmed iluv2fish to remove the negative from danmecum52's account. Thanks.
Well done, sir. That was the respectable thing to do.
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