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Originally Posted by Nodie27 View Post
Team 9 guys...

I think focusing on one movie and keeping it simple is best. I say that Finding Nemo is a great movie to use. I know they have the submarine ride, but I would use a water ride that incorporates 3D and an actual coaster. It can follow the story, featuring the devil ray instructor as he guides you through the adventure in finding nemo. It would feature shark attacks within the ship, the school of jelly fish, and attack by the pelicans all in 3D. It would also feature a drop through the East Australian Current that creates a splash that soaks people waiting in line. It would be pretty quick, visually stunning and have a little excitement with drops.

I don't know if this will explain the ride: But passengers are in mini submarines with the track taking you through a tube. The walls of the tube are screens that would display the 3D images and feature sprays of water and sound bites. Once you exit the tube, that's when you drop and make a splash.
Holy crap I wish I could be creative like you! I was thinking about something completely different - and stupid lol.
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