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Originally Posted by Mistaduma View Post
I search for completed listings and usually copy/paste listing titles for ones that sold higher. Unless its a more specific one like "Jeremy Lin 123/149 auto #49 12/13 hoops." For most cards I don't really see an issue with it.

I mean there's only so many ways you can list a card without going with "jeremy lin card!?!?!!$&@ SP Silver!!! Auto not gold MJ Kobe shaq Taiwan Yao"
Originally Posted by dustin9900 View Post
sometimes people do the sell one like this option and forget to change some key details (serial numbers and photos). and sometimes they are doing it to be shady. Hard to tell but I would avoid it personally.
thanks for the input. I forgot all about the sell one like this option. I dont use that option but that may be how it happened. I guess now I know why many images have people's Id on them.

thanks again
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