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Originally Posted by Jackg1980 View Post
With that scoring format, Cobb may be your best player. Have fun.
Ha, he had 36 points in my league and was on the BENCH. I am still winning by 25. I also had romo over ryan and of course ryan got 48 points, romo still got 40 so cannot complain

Just dropped Rashad Jennings, picked up mccluster who is listed as RB/WR. ANd i picked up dwyer as well since he looked effective and dropped Ryan Williams who looked horrible and had -1 in my league

Does everyone think guys who are dual threats are the best bets with this format? I picked up mccluster thinking he could be a dual thread guy like him.

Demaryius Thomas had 25 points for me, but take that huge TD away he has mediocre output.

I also sat Alshon, and of course he put up 22 haha, never know
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