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Originally Posted by Homerun View Post
Hey guys, I have a situation going on in eBay. I bought this card a while ago.
2012 Topps Toys r Us Purple Bordered #105 Paul Konerko | eBay

It doesn't show up as shipped, and he hasn't responded to my messages. What do I do? Thanks.
There was a hurricane last week. My dad's house in NOLA lost power for several days and they live right in the middle of town, it's very possible if he's on the coast he could be without power for several days and the mail could be slowed, etc, etc. I usually give people with perfect feedback a little bit of a leash just because it would take something terrible to make my packages take that long to arrive.
I still have 300 plus of 75 percent of the players base papers from 13 draft, ask me about cheap lots.
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