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regarding Lawler..

all signs seem to be pointing to some form of heart attack.

PWInsider reports that Jerry Lawler flew to Montreal from working weekend independent wrestling shows in Aruba so he did have a long day of travel before wrestling and working RAW.

A fan at ringside noted that it sounded like Lawler began snoring right before he collapsed. Before that, Lawler communicated with a ringside employee. Lawler grabbed his arm and turned blue as he fell, which could be signs of a heart attack. EMT's and WWE doctors tended to Lawler immediately. His shirt was ripped open so they could begin medical assistance. Lawler was rushed backstage via stretcher and then taken to a local hospital via ambulance.

After Lawler was taken away, the WWE ring crew quickly cleaned up at ringside as it appeared Lawler may have gotten sick before he collapsed.
Read more at More on What Happened with Jerry Lawler Collapsing at RAW, TMZ Posts Photo

and according to what was posted IS TRUE there was serious consideration about canceling the rest of the show.

Backstage was mayhem with people being stressed, not knowing what was going on, several employees crying.

They ended up canceling the after show "dark match" and activities scheduled for Pat Patterson appreciation night.
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