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Originally Posted by JohnAndrew View Post
Gio47: the only person in the history of the world to call someone a fool for NOT betting on sports.
FALSE. I am the guy who calls anyone who doesn't take a 65% win rate investment/wager a FOOL.

"Gambling" is stupid because the average person hits 50%, with 10% juice on losses you lose in the long run. In this case you are hitting 65% and you aren't paying juice so it's actually a smart investment, not your typical degen gamble on Monday night football against a razor sharp line with no edge.

JohnAndrew is the first person I have ever in my life heard say they won't make a wager with only 65% edge. That by the way means I would have a 35% chance of winning. Only a very unintelligent person would not make a wager against someone who only wins 35% of the time. Stop bringing it up, you really make yourself look dumb.

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