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Originally Posted by cdub6238 View Post
I wasnt trying to knock ROH or i said i actually like them to a point.

But the past months worth of matches or so ive been unimpressed with the Briscoes ringwork, and wasnt sure if it was due to the "lack of talent" in the ring with them or what...because the WGTT feud was pretty good, but we know how good they are in the ring.

I actually like some of ROH up and coming talent:

Sicilian Psychopath Tomaso Ciampa...Unbreakable Michael Elgin....Prodigy Mike Bennett

seems like they are running out of "faces" though...Rhino gets GORE chants, but hes with HOT, Davey Richards has disappeared and rumored to be in trouble, Eddie Edwards push has taking a sever nosedive...Mondo doesnt count, because i havent figured out wtf his "character" is suppose to be...

and they even just recently turned Lethal "edgier" for a title hes no longer the "clean babyface"
Oh no, I hear ya. Funny you mention Bennett and Ciampa, as Bennett is the John Cena of ROH (passable talent, handsome guy who in my mind could be a star in WWE) and I find Ciampa to be the least safe/most sloppy worker in ROH... Dude constantly misses spots.

They've also done an awful job of pushing Mondo, who is a very good talent but doomed to Hugh Morris training/jobbing tasks in my eyes, personally. I feel like Lethal is destined to be the next champion, but pitting him against Steen this soon seems like a WWE-esque rush-job... With how long story lines take to pan out in ROH, it seems weird that they're rushing this. Also bums me out as I doubt El Generico will return to dethrone his former partner at this point. Olé!
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