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Originally Posted by Gio47 View Post
FALSE. I am the guy who calls anyone who doesn't take a 65% win rate investment/wager a FOOL.

"Gambling" is stupid because the average person hits 50%, with 10% juice on losses you lose in the long run. In this case you are hitting 65% and you aren't paying juice so it's actually a smart investment, not your typical degen gamble on Monday night football against a razor sharp line with no edge.

JohnAndrew is the first person I have ever in my life heard say they won't make a wager with only 65% edge. That by the way means I would have a 35% chance of winning. Only a very unintelligent person would not make a wager against someone who only wins 35% of the time. Stop bringing it up, you really make yourself look dumb.
I read your second paragraph and I realized I have no idea what you're talking about. So, congratulations Gio47, you've actually taught me something: I realized I don't actually know anything about gambling because -- oh wait, here's the kicker -- I don't gamble.

And let's make something clear here: any time you play a game of chance for money is technically considered "gambling", so I don't exactly follow you when you consider me putting down $20 as an "investment". If I have a chance to walk away empty-handed, it sounds an awful lot like it could be gambling to me.

If you make decent money suckering people into silly bets like this, then power to you. I'm sure you've got a great system all figured out and you'll be making it rain in no time. I've got better things to do with my twenty dollars. I can get three cold beers in New York City with that kind of money, and I don't get a feeling of addiction or self-loathing when I pay up.

I'd actually be a little disappointed if you in particular didn't think I sounded dumb not taking you up on that offer. There are worse things in the world than being a moron in the eyes of a gambling man.
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