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Originally Posted by Zoop View Post
Oh no, I hear ya. Funny you mention Bennett and Ciampa, as Bennett is the John Cena of ROH (passable talent, handsome guy who in my mind could be a star in WWE) and I find Ciampa to be the least safe/most sloppy worker in ROH... Dude constantly misses spots.

They've also done an awful job of pushing Mondo, who is a very good talent but doomed to Hugh Morris training/jobbing tasks in my eyes, personally. I feel like Lethal is destined to be the next champion, but pitting him against Steen this soon seems like a WWE-esque rush-job... With how long story lines take to pan out in ROH, it seems weird that they're rushing this. Also bums me out as I doubt El Generico will return to dethrone his former partner at this point. Olé!
I think Ciampa is still very raw, i just like his "psycho" character.
As far as Bennett, i could see the comparisons...but hed be the "Anti" Cena...i recently read an interview where he feels extremely more comfortable and in his element as a heel.

I like Elgin a lot though..hes just a beast. Hes what Ryback can only hope to be.

ive liked Lethal since his Macho and Naitch TNA work,but i could see the complaint as hes just to genuinely nice. So while its good hes getting an edge to him, is it really going to be believable?

As far as Steen...maybe its because i just jumped into ROH earlier this year and didnt see all the backstory develop....i just cant getinto the story around him. Hes not that impressive in the ring either imo. I mean dont get me wrong, hes decent, and definitely above average and agile for a "bigger" wrestler...but I just havent seen much that says wow hes def champ material.

Its also good to see Rhino back. He might not be the most technical, but his physical style can be entertaining. And that Gore he put on Edwards through the table ( at 1:30 mark- looked like he broke him legit in half. Just hope hes kicked whatever habit it was that got him let go from TNA.
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