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Default My First Big Case Break!!!

So after much discussion with my wife, we have decided to do our first big multi-case break. I've gotten some incredibly valuable advice from a couple of members here, and come October 3rd my wife and I will be ripping 6 cases of 2012 Topps Update. I am going to be taking off work that Thursday and Friday to sort and sell -- we are getting serious! I'm preparing to order a bunch of supplies from BO (penny sleeves, top loaders, cardboard boxes), some #000 and #00 bubble mailers (and packing peanuts - thanks rudyjustinfarrell!) off eBay, and also looking at a new printer/scanner. Also planning to commandeer my kids' toy room for sorting.

Hopefully this is the first of many multi-case breaks to come. I appreciate any advice you guys have for us.
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