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Taking a step back here, in light of JA's long post above, I think it's important to distinguish the differences between "best pitcher" (subjective) and "Cy Young winner". These two things are not equal, and one does not necessarily imply the other. Several members here have identified who they think the best pitcher is, and thereby deduced that his selection should win the Cy Young. But we all have different criteria for what we think makes a player good.

This thread is called "NL CY YOUNG". Therefore, if we can nail down a list of what criteria we think are important to voters, we can ignore the whole "my pitcher is better than your pitcher" load of fun we're having here, and probably identify who will actually win the Cy Young. Overkill? Maybe, considering it's already been done in piece-parts throughout this "discussion". But this thread is a trainwreck, and I can't look away.
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