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Default I just pulled the Nick Diaz Remption card

I just bought packs for the first time this year. I went to my local shop wanting a box or two of the new WWE cards hoping to get a good daniel bryan or aj lee. guy never ordered it so i was bummed. didn't want to waste the trip so I bought 2 packs of the 2012 topps ufc knockouts at $20 each. the owner asked me what's the hot card in mma right now and i said "well, there's a nick diaz redemption that's been #1 in the hot list in beckett for a while now and it's worth around 150. first pack had a renzo gracie auto. there was just a story of him live tweeting after stopping a mugging or something so i thought that's cool. second pack had the NICK DIAZ FULL CONTACT REDMPTION!! WOOHOOOO!. i have the worst luck in packs and boxes and this is by far the best pull of my life. mind you i probably only buy 2-3 boxes worth of packs a year, but still. i've never experienced such a rush of excitement from opening a pack. i bought a couple packs and got the big card i was hoping to get .
anyway, should i sell the card now or hold on to it? he is one of my fav fighters, but i feel like the card could only go down in value with nick being the half crazy type of person he is.

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