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Originally Posted by KevJo View Post
It's apparent people who selected a certain team are slacking and have yet to go online and do the setup instructions.

Yes there are a couple teams that have yet to join. We will be moving forward on Thursday as planned whether they are joined or not. I've heard from mostly everyone and we should have everyone joined up by this weekend. The Cowboys owner is still waiting on EA to fix his account.

Thank you guys for being proactive. Things should run a little smoother as everyone gets more comfortable with the set up of the online league.

BTW, the Browns owner and I played our game tonight and had a shootout. I lost 45 - 42. I forgot since it's preseason it swaps backups in (even Kickers) so I was trying to kick a game tying 41 yard FG with my punter. I hit it good but it still fell like 3 yards short.

Did anyone else notice the accelerated clock not working? After you pick your play it is supposed to advance to clock to 20 secs left on the play clock. It wasn't doing that during my game with the Browns.
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