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Originally Posted by durstlimpbizkit View Post
Did they send you an e-mail about their allocations? I haven't e-mailed them recently other than last week about it but I'm worried I won't be getting half of what I ordered.

I just think that it's ridiculous to accept pre-orders and then not be able to deliver on them. I mean it just really makes me question continuing with collecting if I'm just going to be shelling out more money to do what I found to be fun.

If the numbers keep going up but the supply doesn't change then there's not a whole lot else I can do about it.
I agree - especially with the pre-sell guarantee they have! SolarFly told me that if I find a case available somewhere that I should grab it. They said that they were going to be cut but they are trying to bring in additional product now. They also said that they are still working out final numbers. That was on Monday. No new updates yet.

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