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Hi guys, i got the password from my brother.. i will see what he says on the refund parts.. i have been helping him with the site and page but as you know he is upset about everything not just being in the hospital and on crutches but his rep and what had happend..etc. it has taken a toll on him as well as i imagine you guys as well. not sure if you personally known him or just dealt with him on here. i will be seeing him later after school. he had called before and the messages and post on his personal page have upsetted him, not to mention its been tougher for him since we lost our mother a day after thanksgiving '11. he will be getting on paypal and responding. someone wrote he had a tracking # on paypal.. but i think theres a error there because he said the timing from the incident..etc is off.. im not sure.. he is in the hospital area and the rehab working on the right leg. he has ostremoylistis again (bone infection) from wisdom teeth extraction in feb. so hes very upset about that. in the rehab part of the hospital hes allowed a computer or to get on one. he also wanted me to give his cell # out.. 1 845 418 1023.. he also said someone had been trying to call over the course of 5 days at 8am 12 4 and 6 like clockwork and he assumes its someone from the blowoutnet card board so he has the # and will be calling them back.. sorry abut everything, i know ebay refunded some people already. call the above # and leave a voicemail if you wish.. thanks jimmy. for the questions please call his phone or post, when i see him later i will pass them all on. im in my hall (in the lib) so.... thanks. -Jimmy carroll
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