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Originally Posted by theautographkid View Post
What video are you talking about? I know what nano blitzing is, when I see it. You were doing that almost every other play, between the 2nd and 3rd quarter, and once in the 4th. I'm not made, I just hate, when people nano blitz
bro i didnt nano im not tryin to get kicked out the league cuz u say im doin somethin im not, i was blitzing my bad, after i have a lead i guess i just run run run and punt, i dont kno what else to say. i didnt nano sorry if u feel i was, i blitzed my two corners alot if thats a nano sorry. i threw 4 ints as well but that dont mean anything. sorry for bein unsportsman like. i wont blitz anymore in this league just plain d. u ran the same offensive play more then once. just fyi.

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