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Originally Posted by Gio47 View Post
It's hitting 75% the last 6 years. More often than not its been right and it's purely stat based. So based on that, the odds are in Gio's favor to win. I'm not saying its gospel either but for everyone that's saying Gio doesn't have the stats to win, the cy young predictor which is 100% stats based says differently.
Why would you only go back six years, because you think it helps your argument? Well, in the last year its been right 100% of the time. Use all the data that is available, it helps work out the variations that inevitably happen. More data means stronger statistics.

Also why is Matt Cain not on this thread (from the few pages I've read). He has put together a very strong year, IMO, and is the only one with a perfect game on the predictors NL list. He doesn't have the wins, because of a subpar offense, but has a very nice ERA at 2.96. A whooping .03 higher than Gio. I think Cain's biggest problem is his lack media attention East Coast > West Coast.
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