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Hey Charles/Jimmy-

While I appreciate the phone number I will not be calling you.

I can also understand why Charles doesn't like the not so nice comments, and even though I'm someone who has purchased items from Charles for years I have a number of concerns/questions that make me understand the not-so-nice people. Please, let me elaborate. . .

Here are some questions I'd like answered. . .

1. Why were shipping notices sent for items that hadn't shipped?
2. Why were multiple cards sold multiple times?
3. Why haven't cards been shipped or money refunded (seriously, it's not difficult to do either)
4. Why have Paypal claims either been not responded to or ...
5. responded to untruthfully (my response today said I had a tracking number, and that tracking number was "not applicable" -- all that does is delay the claim process, if you were legitimately trying to fix things why do BS like that to people).

I'm sure there are more questions I could ask, but every single one of these 'not-so-nice' things was done to me (and I'm sure many others), so what do you expect in return?

You emailed and said my money would be refunded on Tuesday or Wednesday, instead of doing that you send some BS to Paypal about a tracking number to prevent me from recovering my money?

Essentially I've been lied to, and stolen from. . . like lots of other folks. . . you want to make good -- simple -- refund my money.

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