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Originally Posted by addicted36 View Post
Which side is the one you want to be on?

This one:
A Gates
Gerhart (dropping)

Or this one:

Personally I think the guy getting 2 Starting RB's is way ahead in this trade (Charles/McGahee) and would love to be on that side of it and don't see why Keegan made that trade. Gates is injury prone and won't be any different this year, Lynch has a terrible schedule for RB's not to mention a bad back. Sorry my friend but I think you got taken to the woodshed here.

Of course I would not veto that trade since it's not conspiracy or collusion

Dude I think you took the better end of that trade by a large margin. Not so sure about Olsen, think your way off there but look Gates is always injured and hasn't played a 16 game season since 2009, week one he had 40 yards, and it's not like Oakland doesn't give up a lot to TE's so he's probably going to have a bad season and he's 32 years old so losing him isn't that bad of a thing to me. Charles healthy is flat out better then Lynch, McGahee has Peyton to ensure he's going to get major yardage if he's healthy, Washington is totally under-appreciated and will be a stud if Britt has any setbacks like he was last season and he was a throw in? You crushed that trade. Olsen is not someone you want as your TE. Check my team out. I have two stud TE's.
thanks bud...would you trade one of your TEs?
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