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Originally Posted by SerialKilnWalkr View Post
Hopefully is right with all these different autographs wonder what the breaks will look like. Keep the double count low.

Speaking of autographs looks like Cryptozoic aren't getting them back too fast since they haven't posted in 8 days. If the target release date was beginning of October I would think they would have given the signers a return date around now if not earlier.

Looks like BO is holding out and not going to list their product for awhile...

I guess Solar is trying to get their ducks in a row on this one since no one has heard much information about their pre-orders...
Matt from SolarFly called me almost 2 weeks ago. I wouldn't expect a final number from him until the beginning/middle of October.

BO....whatever. Yeah, this stuff is rare/we don't know how much we'll have.

I have a feeling they'll have plenty at $150/box, $1600/case. Probably as much as they can sell and then some.

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