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Originally Posted by yankeesfan24 View Post
I think it was a very fair trade. I guarantee Lynch will be better than Charles this year, now that Hillis is taking carries away.
I guarantee nothing like that. Last game:

Charles - 16 carries for 87 yards
Hillis - 7 carries for 16 yards

In fact since the preseason started Hillis has done nothing carrying 11 times for 51 yards and one pass for 11 yards. Until Hillis shows something this is who he is, the guy who everyone had high expectations of last season who disappointed. Lynch on the other hand has a very tough schedule, a rookie QB leading the charge, and a sore back already.

Originally Posted by yankeesfan24 View Post
Also, Fred Davis sucks, and Gates is a top 5 TE, so I get a nice upgrade there.
Fred Davis doesn't suck lol

Game 1:

Fred Davis - 2 catches for 38 yards (4 targets)
Antonio Gates - 4 catches for 43 yards (9 targets)

Fred Davis is in a contract year and only 26 years old and more importantly healthy. Antonio Gates is 32 years old and suffering already with an injury to his ribs. Gates hasn't finished a full season since 2009 and unlikely to play all of this season. Last season Fred Davis outperformed Gates and I expect will do so again this year as he has some great matchups like this weekend coming up. They are 5-6 for TE's to me, while I think you get a slight upgrade simply because they gameplan for Gates more in the long run you upgraded a position I don't think you needed to

Originally Posted by yankeesfan24 View Post
I have no room for McGahee as I will prefer Mendy when he comes back, so once again, an upgrade for me.
McGahee didnt look good on Sunday night, and Knowshown and Hillman will take his carries away slowly this year
Mendenhall has never impressed me. He's had only seven 100 yard rushing games in 50+ games he's played in, he's pretty slow and averaged just 4.1 yards a carry and coming off a very serious injury. I never would target him personally as he only averages 60 yards a game over McGahee who averages 80 yards a game but that's just me. I do think that Hillman will cut into his work some this season but don't see Moreno as a threat to McGahee at all

In the end since your happy with this trade I'm glad you made it and I hope I'm wrong about this and wish you the best of luck with it
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