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Originally Posted by Swingman View Post
I know you are not a betting man but now I really want you to put your money where your mouth is. So your telling me Gio will come 6th in the voting now? I don't care if we bet 5 cents.. Gio won't get as many votes as Matt Cain or Cole Hamels? How much money do you want to bet on that? I mean based on your stats you must be right.. Innings pitched means every. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE grow a pair and bet this with me.
Originally Posted by Gio47 View Post
Cain and Hamels now ahead of Gio as well? Gio in 6th? Just stop already.
Guys. Did I say Gio will end up in 6th? I will admit I did post a hasty response saying he would have a harder time "getting more votes" than Cain and Hamels (I realized I did not actually believe this), so I revised it to say he would have a hard time "distancing himself" from them. I'm not saying it's impossible by any means. As it stands, I would expect Gio to land anywhere between 3rd and 6th if the season continues as it has gone.
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