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Well, since the banhammer has fallen, I'll explain the Ripken thing because I'm sure some of you who weren't involved are wondering about it.

The mystery pack thing was a fiasco for many reasons:

1. He kept adding packs to the drawing and delaying when it would start, so of course the people who got in early kept seeing their chances for getting the "chase" hits drop. But he added more "chase" cards, so that made up for it, as he saw it. The reason for this, we all learned later, was because he was using the money for the packs to buy the hits for the packs (get this kid on Wall Street, right?).

2. I called them "chase" cards because it was a pure bait and switch move. An Adrian Peterson autograph because a Chinese knockoff jersey with a questionable auto (and no COA of any kind). Several of the big name autos became IP auto'ed 8x10s. Then there was the Cal Ripken auto (more on that later).

3. The break was brutal. I mean you expect that you will get screwed on mystery packs, but these was horrific. It went on for hours. As it went on, people got more and more angry in the chat. Then he started laughing as he opened the packs because even he had begun to realize how much he was screwing the members of this small site. It wasn't really nervous laughter, it was more like "you guys got worked"--I'll never forget that and it's why I would never ever do another deal with this guy.

4. The top hit was supposed to be a Cal Ripken autograph. I know several of us only remained on BlogTV to see if he actually put this in the mystery packs. I don't doubt if we weren't all watching, it wouldn't have been pulled at all. But we were so near the very end, here's the Ripken auto. Only guess what? He put a MFing redemption in his own mystery packs.

5. As you might imagine, we were all about to lose our [stuff] at this point, so we get on him about how the hell could this happen, what were you thinking, etc. He says, "Guys, I've purchased the Ripken on eBay and it's in transit." Well, no one believes him by now, so we ask for a link to the eBay listing. He won't answer.

6. Days go by without a response. The mods try to work things out with him and they can't get an answer about the Ripken. I post the "Hello, Is It Me You're Looking For?" (other images used in the thread are below). He keeps posting that he will give us the auction link soon, but never does. We never get an answer.

7. More days go by with no one receiving their "hits". People start filing PayPal refunds. Finally he starts shipping out everything. He says he will make up for the BS by adding extras to the packages. He does not.

8. Finally the person who won the Ripken got it, but if I recall it took weeks to get it. He clearly had no intention of sending it until the pitchforks came out. The scam, in my opinion, was that he'd refund the one person who won the Ripken auto because he didn't have it and pocket all the mystery pack money for those of us who thought we had a chance at it.

9. I finally got my package (2 IP 8x10s and a several crap autos):

I no longer own any sports cards in case you find one of my old selling threads. Sorry.

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