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Originally Posted by neahcrow View Post
Since you are the prospecting expert- how have you done with this stuff in the past? I've opened Bowman and DEEE before but never any Leaf. Is it really risky opening boxes or cases? Do the singles have any value/nosedive after the players get a Bowman auto, etc?

I'm interested as a Cubs fan in Soler and Almora but I'm sure their Bowman autos are not too far out from being produced.
Not an expert, but I would recommend waiting until after the final checklist for Bowman Chrome comes out before you decide which singles from this product to pursue. It's always risky busting any sort of wax, no matter how stacked the checklist is, and no matter how many hits you're supposed to pull. I've had horrendous luck with wax over the past 25 years. If you bust this stuff, it's probably wise to flip your pulls sooner than later.
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