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Originally Posted by JohnAndrew View Post
Ready for this, guys? I'm going to the Gio fans' work for them and prove myself wrong.

Gio is currently 14th in the National League in innings pitched, behind the likes of titanic workhorses Yovani Gallardo and Wandy Rodriguez. I wanted to see the how high someone with a similar workload could place in the Cy Young voting. Turns out, I don't have to go that far back. I've done the last 3 years and the top SIX starting pitcher vote-getters:

2011 NL
1) Kershaw - 3rd
2) Halladay - 2nd
3) Lee - 4th
4) Kennedy - 5th
5) Hamels - 9th
6) Lincecum - 8th

2011 AL
1) Verlander - 1st
2) Weaver - 5th
3) Shields - 2nd
4) Sabathia - 4th
5) Valverde - This Guy Doesn't Count
6) Wilson - 10th
7) Haren - 3rd

2010 NL
1) Halladay - 1st
2) Wainwright - 3rd
3) Jimenez - 7th
4) Hudson - 4th
5) Johnson - 36th
6) Oswalt - 12th

2010 AL
1) Hernandez - 1st
2) Price - 15th
3) Sabathia - 2nd
4) Lester - 16th
5) Weaver - 4th
6) Buchholz - 36th

2009 NL
1) Lincecum - 3rd
2) Carpenter - 26th
3) Wainwright - 1st
4) Vazquez - 5th
5) Haren - 2nd
NOTE: There were only five vote-getters this year

2009 AL
1) Greinke - 5th
2) Hernandez - 3rd
3) Verlander - 1st
4) Sabathia - 4th
5) Halladay - 2nd
NOTE: There were only five vote-getters this year

So you only have to go back to the American League in 2010 to find a guy who wasn't in the league leaders in innings pitched, but managed to place as high as second in the voting. David Price was 15th in innings pitched (208.2), was 3rd in ERA (2.72) and 11th in WHIP (1.19). He had 188 strikeouts for good measure.

I'd say Gio's profile projects fairly similarly to Price's that year. He'll end up with roughly the same number of innings pitched, far more strikeouts, and likely pretty close to his WHIP and ERA numbers.

It's important to note that C.C. Sabathia that year, who finished 3rd, ranked 2nd in innings pitched, 10th in WHIP (1.19), and 7th in ERA (3.19). Needless to say, there's a handful of guys that'll be putting up numbers that are a bit more impressive than C.C.'s that year.

So there you have it -- a valid counter-argument to my own innings pitched argument, if it only applies to everyone after the top vote-getter. Enjoy guys.

Crazy thing is I stopped ready your long, in depth posts a long time ago so please stop wasting your time and go do something productive like making some money instead of trying to prove us wrong. I have no interest in what you are trying to prove to me. I stopped arguing with you until you told me Gio would get less votes than Cain and Hamels which like you said, you don't even believe. Don't waste your time anymore, I don't care, honestly I don't lol

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