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So after the smoke clears and lets just say Dickey wins.....

Do the Mets then trade him? I mean they are terrible in a rebuilding mode and have a nice young nucleus of pitchers in the minors.

I would guess they could get a lot for someone that just won the Cy Young and is a knuckleball pitcher (Because they can pitch longer as far as a career goes)

I am curious as a Mets fan what they could get for him.

The Mets hold a $5 million option on Dickey's services for 2013, which they will of course exercise. After next season, however, he'll be eligible for free agency.

Not surprisingly, GM Sandy Alderson would prefer to see to matters before Dickey hits the market. However, as Andy McCullough of the Newark Star-Ledger reports, the Mets in the early weeks of this season talked about a modest extension for Dickey, but they ulimately -- and understandably (seriously, who among us saw Dickey's 2012 successes coming?) -- opted for a "wait and see" approach. Needless to say, Dickey's market position has changed just a bit.

Also complicating things for both sides is the fact that there aren't any contractual roadmaps for knuckleballers who peak at age 37."With his kind of knuckleball, you've got to believe [he can last] three or four more years, at least," one rival NL exec told McCullough. "He's got such great makeup. He's going to keep himself in great condition. He's going to keep that edge for quite a while."
Nothing to do with pitching here either but he just won the Branch Rickey Award.
Mets pitcher R.A. Dickey wins Branch Rickey Award -

New York Mets pitcher R.A. Dickey is the winner of the 2012 Branch Rickey Award in recognition of his work distributing baseball equipment and medical supplies in Central and South America.

Created by the Rotary Club of Denver, the Branch Rickey Award honors individuals in baseball who contribute to their communities and are strong role models for young people.

Each year, major league teams nominate a player, coach or executive, either active or retired, for the award, which is named in honor of the late baseball executive known for breaking baseball's color barrier by signing Jackie Robinson.
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