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Originally Posted by nhsportsguy View Post
Has anyone else noticed how Cuddy's opinion has gone from "all buyers that get taken are stupid, and it makes no sense to warn other community members of scamming," to "someone prove it's fake"?

Congratulations on deflecting everyone's initial point that if you feel as though community members shouldn't warn others of potential scams, you sir, should leave this thread, this board, this hobby. You have no place here.
I love how you use " " referring to things I have supposedly said.

I NEVER once said a buyer is "Stupid" if they get taken, I said it is there responsibility to do their research. If you get taken without doing your research then are you at fault? Youre damn right you are.

I NEVER once stated "it makes no sense to warn other community members of scamming", what I said was why do "potential fake autographs" need to be brought up? If seller "XYZ AUTOGRAPH SALES" has been linked to selling fakes, then by all means, OUT THEM. Buy by outting someone based on an opinion and not fact is baseless.
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