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Originally Posted by Afton9444 View Post
that makes no sense... you can't tell by looking at a picture that a card is trimmed. you can tell by looking at these very poor autos that they are VERY VERY VERY SUSPICIOUS AND I WOULD PAY FOR SOMEONES SUBMISSION IF IT CAME BACK REAL THAT IS HOW CONFIDENT I AM THESE ARE FAKE
Not entirely true.
With a good scan, you can measure the pixels from top to bottom and left to right to get a pretty accurate measurement.

However, remember I was just stating my opinion on the trimming, I had not fact to back it up. Just like the OP had no facts to back up his topic, "Fake signed photo seller on ebay..."

Are they fake? Lets say probably
Are we positive?

As an example, how many here, if I cropped out the PSA holder would call this Joe Dimaggio a fake?

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