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Originally Posted by Afton9444 View Post
if you knew anything about cards that was joe D's sig when he was in his 80's and coming to the end of his life.. he couldn't do his nice and clean auto...

I think Harper Trout and Luck are in good enough shape to keep doing a good clean auto

Just give it up
Oh I do know, but what about the "uneducated" that were referenced in the beginning of this thread? What about them? Does everyone know about every players auto styles throughout their entire lives? No they dont. At first glance, most would say that some 7 year old signed that, that isnt Joe D. Heck, Joe D wouldnt even come to most peoples minds. But by me as say an "uneducated" buyer doing some research or submitting for PSA opinion or authentication, I am protecting myself from getting taken by a potential fake auto.
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