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Originally Posted by Cuddy Collector View Post
How am I all over the place?

Cause I take the posters example, I look at it, I feel there are inconsistencies, so I wouldnt buy it without getting a quick opinion first?

If I did do that, it came back as "likely not genuine", then I would come on here, stating the following:

Just a heads up, I was thinking about purchasing this Andrew Luck auto, but I saw inconsistencies, so I submitted it for quick opinion with PSA. It came back as "likely not genuine", so buyer beware, if this one came back as that, it is probable that more of this sellers autos are the same.

See the difference there?
this is not a good argument.

i know 100% that the bryce harper auto in the OP is fake.

i know this because i have seen thousands of bryce harper autos. JUST LIKE PSA.

if you submit it to PSA, they have their guy who also has seen thousands of harper autos. same exact thing. FAKE.

keep conveniently avoiding those posts with "common sense"... it makes you look real smart.
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