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Originally Posted by nhsportsguy View Post
You really just don't get it, do you?

Do you not realize what you're saying? How can you lay all the blame on the consumer for buying something that is fake, and lay no blame on the seller that is committing a crime?! Honestly, sir, before I was questioning your intelligence, now I'm convinced you're just too foolish to understand what you're saying. I'm not mad at you for it, I just pity how senselessly and foolishly you must go through life.

Please, allow me to educate you on something - a forum is a place where people who have similar interests can 'gather' to discuss relevant topics, and share their opinions of things. You have come onto our forum and said we should not express our opinions about potential scammers. Do you truly not see the foolishness of this?
You finally used the magical work, potential, which I used in my very first post and have been getting flamed for.

The OP stated the autos were fake and every other post after that up to mine all stated they are fake.

All I asked was why do we have to call out the potential frauds as basically "noted frauds" without the proof.

You cant tell me that if you were in a situation and someone called you something that you werent, whether it a fraud, a criminal, whatever, you wouldnt be upset. What I have been hearing is fact or opinion, it is ok to post whatever one wants as a fact.

My point in all of this, I know lost in all of the bashing towards me, was, if a person IS a FRAUD, then call them out by all means. However, I think it is unfair to do so without PROOF. Not one poster has shown the PROOF, just their OPINIONS. I guess I dont see how I am so so wrong here asking for that proof. I do my research first before purchasing, meaning comparing autos to know authentic examples, so all of the weight is on my if I eff up in my purchase and am proven otherwise. My bad for doing so. Good luck all in your collecting adventures.

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