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Cuddy's argument, if I am reading this right, taken into a different context:

There is an email going around that came into my inbox from a Nigerian Prince promising to make me $10,000. I suspect that this might be a potential scam but have no proof of this.

I know there is also a community of people who use email, maybe all of my close relatives including my grandmother.

I should not warn the community, including my grandmother who is susecptible to scams due to her inexperience and age, because it is their problem if they get fooled by the seller.

Nigerian Prince = eBay seller
Email = The Hobby
Community = BO Forum
Grandmother = inexperienced collectors

While we all understand that yes, the buyer should be ultimately responsible for their actions, the fact of the matter is that the sellers are engaging in potentially fraudulent activity and it does the community a solid by making others more aware of what is potentially out there.
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