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Originally Posted by uberfatty View Post

While we all understand that yes, the buyer should be ultimately responsible for their actions, the fact of the matter is that the sellers are engaging in potentially fraudulent activity and it does the community a solid by making others more aware of what is potentially out there.
Originally Posted by free2131 View Post
Regarding your question about my mother, this was 13 years ago, so no she wouldn't have . In all seriousness though, I was just commenting about people like the OP who alert others to potential scams and fake autos. So while the average loved one without sports card knowledge might not make an account here, they COULD search "fake Harper auto" or something similar and maybe be led to this thread.
Again, the magical word is used, potential.
Thats what I stated from the beginning.
The OP stated as fact they were fake, I just asked why sellers were outted as frauds as a "fact" vs. the "potential".
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