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Originally Posted by Cuddy Collector View Post
First things first, wasn't my first post on blowout, research it.
Second, if people choose to be lemmings and not post their own thoughts and just agree with others so be it. Not sure what red flags I raise by being diplomatic about not calling a person a fraud without proof first. You better hope I'm never on a jury of any of yours as I will plug me ears, say lalalala and pronounce you guilty from the onset. =))
You just don't get it, add that to the reasons people are now going to blacklist you.

Never said this was literally your first post, but that comment makes sense you clearly think in such black and white terms that you have no sense of making logical judgement calls when there is a gray area.

Nobody is being a lemming, how do you know everyone hasn't made their own decision based on the evidence at hand? I know I did, I can easily see the autos are way off. And yes IP autos are different then pack pulled, but explain to me why EVERY SINGLE ONE is way off from what their autos normally look like? Quite a coincidence that the same guy could end up with the worst IP autos of so many different, unrelated athletes.

Hmmm people making a judgement call based on the evidence at hand, sounds a lot like what a jury does doesn't it?
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