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Originally Posted by friarbolt View Post
It's not that at all. It's everything together. You are brand new, no feedback and few posts now outside this thread. For better or worse that leaves people suspicious. As a result, to build up a reputation you have to choose your battles wisely. The fact that you chose as your first major action on this forum to defend a seller like this is of concern. Also of concern is the fact that you defend him so strongly even though you are not connected to him. People start to think you are since most people wouldn't fight this hard for someone if they didn't know the person. Finally you use very weak arguments, a ton of people have chimed in believing they are fake, and every auto looks way off. I don't know what other evidence we can provide, yes it's a judgement call but everything overwhelmingly points to them being fake.

So we are left wondering why a brand new member ignores all these people saying they are fake and chooses to fight a losing battle defending what appears to be a scammer. All that together does not shine a positive light on you as a new member.
I tell you what, if you will show me where I defended this seller, I will pack up my bags, delete my account and leave blowout.
My point from the onset, which it seems no one can grasp is calling someone out without proof. If that's the way you all choose to roll, so be it, I cant change that. I stated my side and I will let it be as is.
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