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Originally Posted by VeedonFleece View Post
Friar, if someone early on had posted similarly to yourself then there would have been less debate on the matter. Instead the OP posted one Bryce Harper that, in isolation, may or not have been fake. And poor Cuddy is getting all the sh!t for it.
The information was out there, in fact the final post before Cuddy chimed in directed people to the seller's page because all his autos looked fake.

Part of the issue with some people (not saying that's me) is new members who take a "matter of fact" approach when they come on here. Take your post for example. You say it looks real compared to some other autos and ask why people think the Harper is fake. Not confrontational, open to opinions.

Meanwhile Cuddy's first post is basically bashing the buyers for being stupid. The tone you set as a new member is huge.

Originally Posted by Cuddy Collector View Post
I tell you what, if you will show me where I defended this seller, I will pack up my bags, delete my account and leave blowout.
My point from the onset, which it seems no one can grasp is calling someone out without proof. If that's the way you all choose to roll, so be it, I cant change that. I stated my side and I will let it be as is.
Again you think very black and white so this may go over you head, but it's the tone you set. You start by bashing the buyers and basically saying it's their own fault. Then you launch into a whole argument about how there is no real proof these are fake. Those are certainly ways to defend the seller because if you win those arguments you are saying that the seller isn't at fault. It's either the buyers for being stupid or us for trying to condemn a seller without concrete evidence. Conversely when have you ever suggested the seller is wrong? Everything you have said would be on the side of the seller.

Unfortunately for you and black and white world, there are a lot of grey areas in real life. The seller may be legit, but people have decided there is enough to suggest he is not. You may be a stand-up card collector and a great person, but we have to go off what we see. Can't go off anything else because it's not out there, and what we see is a new member with an suspicious, overly abrasive way of dealing with people.
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