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Wow, nice mix of team collectors in our group. That should help with the trading. I think trading can help solidify a group as it will help us get to know each other. Here is my updated list:

THE700LEVEL - Phillies\Orioles
VTHokie22 - Braves
711 Cards - Braves\Brewers (Braun)
theacox - Brewers
jdberia - Griffey, Ichiro, Rjohnson
BucksBandit - Indians
boardermartin - Cubs
shabagel - Red Sox\Cubs (Maples)
Snowboy - Yanks (Nova)
SteelPen2 - Pirates
Blue_Devil - Astros
Grahamgdogg - Reds
poipunda - Giants\Cardinals
jsrb14 - Yank (Jeter)

Hopefully, I didn't miss anyone. I think right away Blue_Devil and BucksBandit might have a chance at getting their teams this round as the holder of their teams didn't seem too excited about their random . I will work with jsrb14 and Snowboy to see if we can work something out too.

Have fun everyone!
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