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Originally Posted by Clarka3 View Post
i can't afford the time to do another full time league. i think people would be happier with a restart and the option to draft who they want. that way teams like me (Ravens) don't have a ton of trade bait while other teams (Cardinals) don't have much. more even ground imo.

and no, this isn't because i'm on a 2 game skid. I enjoy a challenge. I'd just rather have the chance to draft the players I want rather than trade for them.
Ill slow roll it, sim every Monday and Friday. If that changes anything,

Originally Posted by iBLeeDBaTTLeReD View Post
Cry me a river, lol. The cardinals are looking pretty damn good with the trades they made. I do believe starting a second might be a challenge for most to get games in. The only downer with draft is that there's always a handful of Guys that end up dropping right after the draft if theirs sucked then it's harder to get replacements because that was their personalized team and someone else might not like it.
First off the Cardinals completely trade graped the Rams. Second that is a problem, some people will go for all weapons and then get stuck with a 75 QB thinking theyll be ok, and others wont select an o or d line until theyre forced too which is also a problem. I feel that most people here are smart enough to know how to build a solid team, the ones that arent can either live with it or get booted.
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