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Originally Posted by boxbust421
I was researching how not to get ripped off on high end deals and saw that you posted in a sticky on this matter so I figured you had some experience. In your opinion and experiences, what is the best route to go when shipping a card internationally? I'll be shipping to Germany and it sold for $160. I'm not very trustworthy with the post office so I am open to Fedex or UPS, but I was just wondering if you would be willing to give me your insight. I'd like to use the cheapest,safest route if there is such a thing. I would greatly appreciate any info you may be able to supply me with. Thanks in advance.
If you sold it on eBay, purchase their ShipCover insurance and ship it however you want. If not, I've never had a problem shipping USPS Priority Mail International. There's no DC (tracking) outside of the US though.

If you're paranoid, you can pay around $30 to use DHL. Nationally, DHL sucks. Internationally however, they are pretty legit.

If it makes you feel any better, I've successfully shipped computer components to Brazil, Russia, Eastern Europe, England, Hong Kong and China with zero problems. I shipped all of those packages USPS Priority Mail Int'l. It was around $13 for that.
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