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Default This Crap Is Getting Old On Ebay

So a member on Ebay keeps creating account after account and bidding on tons of items with the intent of never paying. He's gone by 8 different names in the past two weeks alone....that I know of. Now that I'm on to what this guy is doing I keep blocking his new usernames and new bids but he keeps coming up with accounts. And to be quite honest I can't watch all my listings until the last second they are up...and lets face it nobody actually accepts second chance offers...ever. Just at a loss for words on how someone with no life can keep doing this all day to me and dozens of other good sellers. Here's a list of his names that I know of:

goodguy_1989, cardzkraz36, lincolnplumbingnc99, sportscardone, superstar10-2012, auctiongalore2012

I'll also put my full block list below:
06diggs, 2010jdawg10, 22mkbreig, agogibay, auctiongalore2012, avas5926, bmatty7570, boogerscruffy, cardzkraz36, doc8000, ebrian22, goodguy_1989, greatdeals4u2savecash, jeff-n-jayni, kecards1, lincolnplumbingnc99, nickbuddy54, ruester17, shane19880622, sportscardone, superstar10-2012, tboyholdem, yogurtraptor
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