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Originally Posted by XL5 View Post
Wouldn't requiring a PayPal account in bidder requrements stop this? At least unless the guy is also creating a new PayPal account with each new eBay account...

I just accepted a second chance the other day, FWIW. If the price is what I was willing to pay anyway and it doesn't look shilled, I'll take it.
You can have as many ebay id's as you want connected to the same paypal account

Originally Posted by doctorjd23 View Post
You would think that would help but I also have my settings set so nobody with less than 5 feedback can bid...but they always do. Second chance offers rarely get accepted. In my 6000+ sales on Ebay I can only think of once anyone ever accepted. Thanks for the post
There is no setting to block bidders with 5 or less feedback. You can only block those with -1 or less. Nor can you enforce someone to contact you before bidding if they don't have a set amount of feedback. They will still be able to snipe if they wanted.

I would call ebay and tell them what's going on. They should be able to look into it for you. I know it's different with auctions, but I once had a BIN hit and not payed for by a new id 3 different times. After the non paying bidder the third time I set it up as BIN only with immediate payment required...problem solved.
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