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I feel like I'm treading on thin ice when I talk about Kyle Lohse, because at any given point in time, a scrub team could light him up for 8 runs and I wouldn't blink twice. But the fact is, he has been a mainstay on a team that was perhaps expecting slightly better things out of their presumed ace in Adam Wainwright. 7th in innings pitched, 4th in ERA at 2.81, 4th in WHIP at 1.089. Find me the guy who predicted Kyle to be top 5 in the National League in those last two categories in mid-September and I'd...I don't know, buy him a beer, or something.

Here's how Kyle's schedule looks the rest of the way:

9/18 vs. Houston
9/23 @ Cubbies
9/29 vs. Washington

It looks like Cupcake City next week with something of a taller order against the Nationals on the 29th. He's certainly got time to bring that ERA down to Dickey/Kershaw/Cueto levels.

Serious question. Adam Wainwright is currently slated to pitch the last game of the season on October 3rd against the Reds. Lohse would ostensibly pitch Game 163 if there was some kind of sudden-death one-game playoff for the second wildcard spot. However, in a do-or-die situation in Game 162, who do you go with? The Cards could leverage one of their upcoming days off to line up either guy. I'm also seeing now that Chris Carpenter could complete his miraculous comeback and potentially return to rotation sometime in September.

If you're the Cardinals, what pitcher do you want on the mound for your do-or-die Game 162? I would take the following guys in order depending on availability:

1) Chris Carpenter
2) Kyle Lohse
3) Adam Wainwright

What do y'all think?
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