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Originally Posted by newton615 View Post
Guys, its a sim every 2 days. I know people have schedules and stuff to do but this league is basically asking you to take 1 hour out of every 48 to play a game that you bought to play. Im sorry if Im being insensitive but finding 1 hour out of 48 isnt that hard unless youre working 12+ hour shifts
I agree. I know I'm a newcomer to the league, but every other day seems fair to me. If I can make time to get my games in with the schedule I work I think it would be much easier for everyone else.

FYI....I work graveyard shift in a casino so usually get off work around 7-8 am when everyone else is usually waking up I'm going to bed. But I can still make time to schedule with my opponent to get a game in. Just saying
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