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I'm with the majority, Pete Rose not being in the hall is BS! But unlike the others, I will give you good reason why he should be in the Hall!

1) If our president of the whole freaking United States ( at the time Bill Clinton) can just pull out his cigar anytime and give to his intern when ever he feels like it and still stay on as president then WHY THE HALL can't Pete Rose make a mistake and still be a Hall member for what he accomplished on the baseball field?

2) If a baseball player can get caught using performance drugs after the know IT'S WRONG but only get a 50 game band but get to come right back and play after the 50 games, then WHY THE HALL can't MR Hustle be in the Hall?

Bottom line, he did something wrong off the field and was punished for it OFF THE FIELD but on the field he was Charlie Hustle, the best hitter of all time, the player that hustled out every hit never slacked off. FOR PETE'S SAKE, Get over the off field drama and put the man in the Hall of Fame or it will never be complete!
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