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Originally Posted by BengalsJayhawks View Post
Couldnt disagree more. My money is just as good as your money. Just because I placed a smaller order shouldnt matter. Whos to say in the future cases wouldnt be ordered and this was a way to give a new seller a shot. Also why even offer boxes then if your plan was to give the so called big dogs the first shot
Originally Posted by Kodiak10 View Post
You've had too many cocktails. Big dogs eat more not always first. You fulfill in
the order that was recevied. Thats how you run a good business. Now, if your dealing with a crook, than yes. Big dogs do eat first but they might die sooner from eating to much.
Look at this situation:

You place a card on Ebay with a BIN w/ BO.

Your first offer is $30, your second offer is $80.

Are you telling me that, because the lower offer was first, you'll take that offer? G...T...F...O.

It's a lot of sour grapes because people don't have the cash to play on the field. Sorry about that (not really).
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