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Originally Posted by The Madbacker View Post
Look at this situation:

You place a card on Ebay with a BIN w/ BO.

Your first offer is $30, your second offer is $80.

Are you telling me that, because the lower offer was first, you'll take that offer? G...T...F...O.

It's a lot of sour grapes because people don't have the cash to play on the field. Sorry about that (not really).
First off this situation isnt ebay or the best offer scenario you presented. This is a store setting where boxes and cases were both listed for sale. And actually if you want to get technical the boxes were more cost wise per box then the case was as a whole. So more money would be made if they were sold by the box. So you can G...T...F...O and think a bit before you speak.

As far as the not having the cash to play on the field....child please. I have plenty of the cash to play, but once again your making assumptions on nothing you have no idea about.

Im done arguing about the situation its pointless. I hope the right thing will be done from a customer service stand point so Im just going to sit back and see what happens with my order.
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